Hot, Sticky & Movie

X-Men First Class

Today was an extremely hot day. Temperatures in the 90s makes me feel blah. But my hubby and I got to spend the day together which was just perfect. We ran some errands, had lunch, went to the mall, did some shopping and watched a movie. I’ve never seen any of the X-Men films; never would I have thought that I would enjoy it but I did.

I’m interested in watching the other movies in the series. We’ll have to Netflix them after our vacation. More on that later!

What beat the heat was an iced coffee from Panera, the burst of cool air that we felt as we opened the doors to each store and the cool atmosphere of the theater. Being outdoors when it’s above 85° makes me really cranky and tired but the short periods of AC really helped.

Long live air conditioners and iced coffes/smoothies/lemonades/iced anything!


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