I was a devoted Google search user until a couple of months ago. After using Google for years, I could not even imagine switching over to another search engine until learning about Bing.

Bing rewards you for using their search engine with points you can use to redeem gift cards.

After being a Bing search reward member for almost two months, I have reached gold status!

It’s so easy to rack up points. For every two searches, you get two points up to 10 credits a day. There are also bonus points you can earn by clicking on the orange point bar when they have some new search adventure.

Another way to earn points is by referring friends, clicking on the discover tab and completing tasks, and even watching some videos.

The rewards fit what I would like out of a program like this. I have redeemed one Redbox code so far, and it was sent to my email almost immediately. I also plan on purchasing Starbucks cards, Amazon gift cards and more Redbox credits.

This image shows only a few of the many rewards. You can also choose to donate your points to charities or enter sweepstakes.

Note: the gold bonus is for gold members only. To achieve gold status, check the level requirements here http://www.bing.com/rewards/levels )

I have well over 800 points right now. I got more points once I set Bing as my default search engine and by using the address bar to search. If you type in words in the address bar instead of typing in links, you’ll earn points even faster! Sign up today.