eos Review

eos products look super cool. They come in fun colors and shapes – far from the typical lip balms and lotions we’re used to.

eos products

I once purchased the eos lip balm when there was a register reward at Walgreens. Once I finished that one, I went and purchased three different lip balms. These are called “smooth spheres” which are true to their name!

So far, I’ve tried the sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, and passion fruit. The mint is my favorite so far. It has a nice, smooth mint scent. The strawberry has a mild sweet scent and the passion fruit is more intense. They’re all very moisturizing and last long. I love putting this lip balm on, it’s a different experience from Chap Stick. It’s also a pretty little showpiece for my nightstand. I would definitely recommend these lip balms and will purchase them again.

I can’t wait to try the lemon drop (spf 15!) and tangerine. It would be even better if all of these lip balms had SPF in them.

I also went and purchased the lotion since I had such a great experience with the “smooth spheres”. I got the “nourish” body lotion that has the pump. The lotion wasn’t all that great, I probably would not purchase this again. I was expecting a nice scent and a long-lasting softness. There is no good scent to the lotion – rather, it has a dull cardboard-y smell! Also, the lotion makes my hands smooth for just about ten minutes. After a while, they get dry again. For a lotion that has the word “nourish” on the bottle, I would expect it to keep my hands soft for longer.



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