Amazon's New Kindle Tablets!

Amazon has just introduced their newest version of the Kindle Fire Tablet: Kindle Fire HD tablets!

I really loved the original Kindle Fire. I even bought one for my sister. The screen is so clear and graphics are great. I bet the new tablets are even better. These are good for book-junkies and those who just want a simple tablet to surf the internet. The Amazon Appstore has a large selection of apps as well as free apps.

Kindle Fire HD

The new tablets range from $499 to $199. They all have wifi capabilities and the $499 Fire comes with 4G LTE! The $499 and $299 tablets both boast 8.9″ screens while the $199 tablet has a 7″ screen.

Amazon also released a new line of e-readers starting at just $69, $119 for the Paperwhite and $179 for the Paperwhite 3G.

I would really recommend Amazon tablets or e-readers due to the very competitive pricing on both the product itself as well as ebooks though Amazon.


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