Gone Girl: A book review

Marriage can be a real killer.

After finishing Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn, it may be that I re-read the book sometime soon. Yes, it was that interesting. From the first page, I was hooked. The story went deeper and deeper and just when you think “This is it, this here is the absolute, most insane story I have ever read,” you will realize that no, it gets even better.

Gone Girl book cover

Crime novels rarely end up on my Kindle. I’m more into science fiction, horror, drama. This is a crime novel but told in two people’s point of view: Nick Dunne and the wife, Amy Dunne and in my opinion, it was more of a thriller. One of the disappears and the other obviously becomes the suspect. You get to know each character and when you almost grasp an idea of their personalities, they leap out of your hand and become complete strangers. The twists in this story kept me turning page after page. I was reading late at night, so late that I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

This book is along the lines of Criminal Minds but at a much more personal and emotional level. You get to know the deep and dark twisted thoughts of both main characters. You root for them and then you hate them. The plot is well-thought out and it is evident that it took much time to bring all the little details together. The only part that got me confused was the end. It didn’t seem like it was supposed to end the way it did and maybe the writer ran out of time, creativity or ideas. I guess it’s left up to the reader to decide what happened.

Go get the Kindle version, buy the hard copy, check it out at your library or on your e-reader! I just searched the book and found that movie rights have been bought and the book will be adapted into a movie. I wonder how they’re going to pull that off!


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