Coughing and Cigarette Smoke?!

My throat has been very dry and sore lately. I’ve spent a lot of time coughing and trying to clear my throat repeatedly for the past week or so.

I’ve also noticed the smell of cigarette smoke coming in from the windows or vents (not sure yet) of my apartment. Now, I’m not sure if the coughing and smoke is related, but I went to the leasing office and informed them of this situation.

It is getting difficult as my throat is getting worse. The only reason I am concerned is because I had asthma as a child and I do not want it to flare up again. Aside from that, I have allergies and this may be causing my throat to be dry. I might have to go see my doctor if it doesn’t improve later this week.

So far, I’ve tried honey, throat drops, salt water gargling and now I’m going to try green tea. Hoping this works so I don’t have to go to the doctor! I’ll keep you updated on the smoke issue too.


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