Alex Cross Movie Review

While I was at Walgreens last night, I rented Alex Cross from Redbox with the code that they sent by text. I’ve read some Alex Cross books a few years ago and the hubby has read even more. We weren’t looking forward to it too much as Tyler Perry plays Cross and we weren’t sure how that would work out as we both pictured someone else fitting the role.

I also read that Idris Elba of The Wire was first cast as Alex Cross but later replaced by Perry. I know my husband would have watched this movie in theaters if a star from The Wire was playing the main character. He actually told me he’d prefer Idris Elba before he even knew that that actor was cast first.

Tyler Perry actually did a great job playing Cross. The movie was more interesting as it went on. It started off a little bit boring for me, but I got into it after about 30 minutes in. The movie is based on the book Cross by James Patterson about a Detroit lieutenant who is investigating a high-profile murder while his pregnant wife is murdered by the same killer, Picasso.

Movie released on: October 19, 2012
DVD released on: February 5, 2013

I think we’ll rent Taken 2 next!



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