Surviving an Apocalypse: Costco Style

We all wonder what it would be like if there actually were an apocalypse. Zombie style or with vampires or even a religious one. What would you do? If society as we know it would no longer exist, we wouldn’t have to work. We’d just have to fight to survive. And eat.

Survival food

Costco is making it easy for those paranoids who think there is a possibility of an apocalypse. Check out their emergency supplies available to purchase online. They have a vegetarian emergency food kit that is gluten-free and includes 8,671 servings of food. That can keep one person alive for over 10 years if they consumed three servings a day. The shelf life of this is 20 years. For the price of $1,499.99 (after a special $300 savings) this apocalypse better happen before 2033.

Are you a meat-eater? Well Costco has you covered. They have 304 servings of freeze dried meat for $199.99 and comes in a handy bucket. Shelf life is 15 years.

Meat survival

Well what are you waiting for? Get your Costco membership now and prepare yourself for an emergency!


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