Read it Forward Giveaway: Decisive

Do you have a hard time making decisions and choosing the best path for yourself? Enter this week’s Read it Forward giveawayfor a chance to win Decisive by Chip Heath & Dan Heath.

Read more about the book here:

Read it Forward Decisive

Entries are accepted until 3/10/13 11:59 pm EST




The Hunger Games Trilogy: $5

Amazon is having a great sale right now. You can get the entire Hunger Games Trilogy for $5! This is the Kindle edition and you can even read this on an tablet or smartphone as long as you install the Kindle app. I use the Kindle app on my tablet all the time.

This trilogy by Suzanne Collins has to be one of my favorites. I started reading the first book and literally could not put it down. I finished all three within a few weeks. If you need a good read, or if you just wanted to buy these books, now is the time. The regular trilogy sells for $20 – $30!

The Hunger Games is about a dystopian world in which children from 12 districts fight until death. Only one survives each year. It’s a brutal story, following the life of Katniss Everdeen and her family. If you’ve watched the movie and liked it, wait until you read the books!

Picaboo: Buy One Get One Free Photo Books

Picaboo BogoPicaboo Bogo 2

Picaboo has a sale going on for buy one get one free classic photo books.

Enter code MARCHFREE at checkokut to get this offer.

I would highly recommend Picaboo’s classic photo books. They even have the 11×14 which makes great wedding books.

Not making a photo book? You can get 15% off cards, other types of photo books, collage posters, prints, photo panels, and canvas prints with the same code.

Good through 3/12/2013.

Read it Forward Giveaway Week of 2/24/13

Stuck in the Middle with You

Here’s your chance to read Stuck in the Middle with You by Jennifry Finney Boylan before it hits shelves on April 23, 2013.

This is a memoir about gender and parenting and Boylan’s two sons. There are only 200 copies available for this giveaway, so enter now for your chance to win!

“I was a father for six years, a mother for ten, and for a while in between I was neither, or both – the parental equivalent of the schnoodle, or the cockapoo.”

Jennifer Finney Boylan


Read it Forward is a book giveaway site by Random House, Inc. Get a chance to read books before their release date. Read and review them, then pass them on to a friend. For booklovers across the country. Winners are chosen at random and will be emailed if selected.

Read it First. Pass it on.

Chicken Pot Pie and The Doctor, Oh My!

Made chicken meatballs and buffalo cauliflower a few nights ago for dinner, both turned out good (although buffalo cauliflower was a little too spicy!). I also made chicken pot pie for the first time ever! It turned out so good, I’ll have to post the recipe make it again.

I’ve been reading more of A Constellation of Vital Phenomena and I have to say, it is really good. Once I finish the book, I’ll be posting my review. I also got another book, The Andalucian Friend. I got an email saying I won the book back in November 2012!

While at the doctor’s office this past week, I came up with some things not to do while there.  Not everyone that visits the doctor is sick. Sometimes it’s just to get a physical or a prescription refill. Other times, it’s bringing someone in that is sick. Read on:


  • Use their pens
  • Read the magazines
  • Talk on your cell phone
  • Let your kids run wild
  • Eat
  • Sing
  • Sleep

Yes, I always try to bring my own pen. You don’t want the germs of the people who are visiting the doctor due to an illness. By bringing your own pen and reading material, you’ll be a little more germ-free.