My Stitch Fix

A $25 Stitch Fix credit appeared on my Tmobile Tuesday app last week. I’ve heard a couple of coworkers and friends try this wardrobe-building service but I never looked deeply into it. Alas, a reason to try it!

After creating an account and answering a lengthy number of questions about “my style”, I was informed a box of five items will be delivered to me within a week. It took five (business) days to the box to my doorstep. A simple, brown box with the Stitch Fix logo taped on the seams was waiting for me yesterday.

Upon opening it, I noticed a nice inner design on the box and my items were tightly packed with heavy duty tissue paper and a green sticker. There was also an envelope in which were details about my Fix and a receipt.

Let’s take a look at what was in my Fix!

Eloisa Split Neck Blouse

Price on invoice: $38

My opinion: probably the only item that I liked aside from the sleeveless aspect. It has a cute pattern, it’s light and flowy for the summer, and it fits good.

Caliban Split Neck Top

Price on invoice: $48

Did not try this on. Print is average, as is the price. I like the material but I don’t see myself wearing this. It will likely be returned.

Strucker Mixed Material Top

Price on invoice: $54

The only thing I might keep out of the box. I don’t like the price or the color. I could probably get a top I truly love from Zara at less than this shirt costs.

Fia Trouser

Price on invoice: $58

These pants are navy blue – almost black in color. I dislike the material – a cotton, poly, spandex blend. They were also too long even though I had marked petite sizes in my Style Profile.

Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short

Price on invoice: $58

Now. I specifically marked “never” on my Style Profile under the shorts category. I’m a little confused as to why I received so many items I did not have interest in. (Sleeveless, pants, shorts). Needless to say, this will be sent back.

I need to mail back my unwanted items by Thursday so that gives you three full days to try on and decide what you want. You have to review your Fix on their site and select what you like/don’t like about all the pieces. You only get charged for what you keep plus a $20 styling fee if you do keep anything. Shipping is free both ways and a USPS bag is already included.

This box was mostly a fail. I can’t justify keeping any of these items if I only slightly like them. I honestly thought after knowing everything I like to wear and would never wear, along with a personal note to my Stylist, they’d have pinpointed specific pieces that suit me.

I’m hoping my Stylist will be able to pack a better box the next round. Here’s to some nice summery outfits in my future!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Let me know how you liked (or didn’t like) the service!


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