New Survey Opportunity – Pays $250!


20|20 Research is looking for male and female head of households to participate in a 7-day online survey. The reward for participating will be a $250 prepaid Visa card.

The dates of this survey are from August 6, 2013 through August 12, 2013.

See if you qualify by answering a few questions on their website.


How to Print Passport Photos For Free (or for a few cents)!

Passport photos can cost anywhere from $7.99 to $10.99 for two prints at drugstores like Walgreens, CVS and Walmart. What are these so-called “passport photos”? They’re simply 2×2 photographs taken with a white background.

You can save big time by taking these photos at home and printing them yourself. Even just taking them at home and printing them out at a drugstore will be about $0.25 for FOUR copies!

Here’s how:

Visit and select the country you need the photo for as well as the type of photo (passport, visa, green card). Click on get my passport photos. They have a little diagram that shows how you should take the photograph and at the kind of lighting you will need. Very simple and easy to follow.

Next, upload the photo and click next. Use the cropping tool to select the part of the picture needed. The top of your head and your chin need to be in between the green lines. Once you’re ready, click next.

Now, you can choose the pro service to have process and print the photo for you. They can mail it to you or you can pick it up at a local drugstore. You can even choose how many prints you want. But, if you don’t want to pay these prices, just click the No Thanks link on the bottom right. It’s a little hard to see and this is why many people end up paying for this service. Just look at this image to find the link:

passport photo step 3

Once you click No Thanks, you are taken to the page with your passport photos! Just click Skip to download your photo sheet now and you can save your photo sheet.

You have the option to print this sheet at home or to send it to a drugstore to have them print it for you. Once you have the photos, you just need to cut them out and you’re all done!


Compare prices here:

  • starts at $7.99
  • Walmart Photo $7.44
  • CVS Photo $7.99
  • Walgreens Photo $10.99

If printing at home, you can do this for FREE!

(Prices may vary by region)